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Tehnik Mengukur Kepuasan Kerja

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Tehnik Mengukur Kepuasan Kerja Terdapat banyak cara untuk mengukur kepuasan kerja karyawan dalam suatu organisasi/perusahaan baik besar maupun kecil. Paling tidak terdapat empat cara yang dapat dipakai untuk mengukur kepusan kerja, yaitu (1) Rating Scale, (2) Critical incidents, (3) Interviews dan (4) Action Tendencies Rating Scale Pendekatan yang sering digunakan untuk mengukur kepuasan kerja  dengan menggunakan Rating Scale antara lain: (1) Minnessota  Satisfaction... [ Continue reading... ]

Survey Methods

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Survey Methods Reasearch Design Methods In conducting a research there is a lot of data collection methods that you can use , such as : surveys , depth - interviews , focus group discussions , observations , and so on . Selection of these methods depends on the research objectives and available resources . One of the widely used is the survey method . This method is commonly used for research in the field of social sciences . Indonesian Survey Institute ( LSI... [ Continue reading... ]