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Various Kinds of Survey


Reasearch Design Methods Implementation of the survey is now growing rapidly . Technological developments allow the survey was conducted through a number of media such as phone , email , or the internet .

1 . Telephone surveys ( phone survey )
On this survey interviewers call respondents one by one and then asked respondents where each respondent’s answer will be recorded by the interviewer . The survey is suitable for respondents who are in a place far away and quite difficult questions that need to be asked directly by the interviewer . Telephone surveys can be done manually or with the aid of a computer / operator .

2 . In- Home Survey
The survey was conducted by visiting the residence of respondents one by one .

3 . Mall intercept survey
Surveys done by the interviewer directly asked respondents while shopping or a walk in the mall . This method is commonly used for research into market – testing .

4 . Mail Interviews
If using the mail manually , interviewer or researcher sent a letter to the respondent by mail . Usually in an envelope that is sent contains a reply envelope , cover letter , and certain incentives . For this survey, respondents typically researchers have known beforehand .

5 . Mail Panels
Mail the form of an interview panel is made ​​using the letters in big portions ( usually includes one of the country ) and respondent have agreed to participate on a regular basis .

6 . E – mail Interviews
Questionnaire was emailed to respondents .

7 . Internet Interviews
Internet interviews is a method in which the questionnaire uploaded to a website . Intenet interviews also referred to the online survey ( online survey ) . Where to access the questionnaire requires Internet network . Examples of widely used online survey is GoogleDrive , Survey Monkey , Zoomerang CreateSurvey and .

Despite the fact that no one method is better or worse , however, in determining what methods you will use , you might consider two things: what information is needed and the budget . Usually to obtain sensitive information that you can use indirect methods such as through email or online surveys .


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