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7 Steps for Doing Surveys


Reasearch Design Methods In general, there are seven stages in conducting the survey , namely :

  1. Decide what information you want to earn through surveys .
  2. Decide to be until the study respondents . For this stage you can recall the material on sampling design .\
  3. Arrange interview questions or questionnaires .
  4. Determine the survey method , whether by phone or in- home .
  5. Data collection in the field . Before running the survey briefing should you do with your field team .
  6. Process data that has been obtained . To make it easier you can use statistical software . If using the statistical software we need to do in order for encoding the data can be read by the program .
  7. Make a report .

Now you ‘ve got an idea of ​​what it was a step in conducting surveys and surveys . Survey is indeed the most widely used method because this method is flexible and easy , but you also need to consider the shortcomings of this method so that you can reduce the potential for bias in the information obtained .


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