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Mengukur Kepuasan Pelanggan

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Mengukur Kepuasan Pelanggan Berapa jumlah pelanggan yang kita puas? Apakah tingkat kepuasan pelanggan kita naik atau turun? Apakah kepuasan pelanggan kita lebih tinggi dibandingkan kepuasan pelanggan pesaing? Berapakah target kepuasan pelanggan di masa mendatang? Tanpa melakukan pengukuran tingkat kepuasan pelanggan (customer satisfaction), tidaklah mungkin ke-empat pertanyaan di atas dapat dijawab. Karena itu, perusahaan yang percaya bahwa kepuasan pelanggan adalah hal... [ Continue reading... ]

Tehnik Mengukur Kepuasan Kerja

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Tehnik Mengukur Kepuasan Kerja Terdapat banyak cara untuk mengukur kepuasan kerja karyawan dalam suatu organisasi/perusahaan baik besar maupun kecil. Paling tidak terdapat empat cara yang dapat dipakai untuk mengukur kepusan kerja, yaitu (1) Rating Scale, (2) Critical incidents, (3) Interviews dan (4) Action Tendencies Rating Scale Pendekatan yang sering digunakan untuk mengukur kepuasan kerja  dengan menggunakan Rating Scale antara lain: (1) Minnessota  Satisfaction... [ Continue reading... ]

Menyusun Pendekatan Riset Ilmiah

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Menyusun Pendekatan Riset Ilmiah Kita sekarang sudah memiliki rumusan masalah. Lalu bagaimana cara kita menjawab rumusan masalah tersebut? Tentu saja melalui riset yang akan kita lakukan. Tapi sebelum melakukan riset, kita akan menyusun desain riset terlebih dahulu. Apa itu desain riset ? Singkatnya, desain riset adalah petunjuk mengenai bagaimana riset itu dijalankan. Bentuk nyata dari desain riset adalah proposal riset atau proposal penelitian. Sebelum kita mengembangkan... [ Continue reading... ]

Research Design Classification

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Research Design Classification Reasearch Design Methods After we could define our research problems clearly, the next step we will do is formulating research design. This step is ultimately important as research design actually will be our detail guideline in conducting research project. Research design contains all required procedures in gaining information needed to answer our problems. If research approach is research guideline in a brief, thus research design will be our... [ Continue reading... ]

Research Approach: Should I Choose Quantitative or Qualitative Research?

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Research Approach: Should I Choose Quantitative or Qualitative Research? Reasearch Design Methods When we already have defined our research problems, the next question comes is how to answer those questions? In research, the way to answer research questions is by research design. But, what is research design? In short explanation research design is our blueprint to conduct research. It guides us on how the research should be conducted, i.e. how to collect the data, how many respondents we need, how to analyze the... [ Continue reading... ]

How to Choose Good Topics for Research Paper

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How to Choose Good Topics for Research Paper Reasearch Design Methods Have you ever been given a task to conduct a research study by your teacher? Did you feel desperate because you did not have any good topics for your research essay or research paper? This situation often happens to us, especially for students in the final year. Usually, there are two conditions we face when we have any assignments about a research. First, our teacher gives us the topics we can choose for our research... [ Continue reading... ]

What is Research? – Research Definition and Four Common Mistakes in Using Research Term

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What is Research? – Research Definition and Four Common Mistakes in Using Research Term Reasearch Design Methods Managers in a company must face problems in their daily work. Take an example, a Marketing manager will often encounter such problems in which the company's sales decline. This problem is actually a "normal" case, but if the decline has lasted for a long time, then we need to figure out the cause of the problem to be able to create the right solution. We cannot only guessing what happened to find out the answer. We need... [ Continue reading... ]

Experimental Research

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Experimental Research Reasearch Design Methods Research designs are experimental or non-experimental . The experimental investigation carried out in the laboratories primarily in the field of basic research. The main advantage of the experimental design is that it offers the opportunity to identify the cause and effect relationships . The non-experimental research , for example , case studies , surveys, correlational studies , observational research is not generally... [ Continue reading... ]

What is Research Design ? (Part 01)

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What is Research Design ? (Part 01) Reasearch Design Methods Before examining types of research designs it is important to be clear about the role and purpose of research design. We need to understand what research design is and what it is not. We need to know where design fits into the whole research process from framing a question to finally analysing and reporting data. Description and explanation Social researchers ask two fundamental types of research questions: 1... [ Continue reading... ]