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Various Kinds of Survey

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Various Kinds of Survey Reasearch Design Methods Implementation of the survey is now growing rapidly . Technological developments allow the survey was conducted through a number of media such as phone , email , or the internet . 1 . Telephone surveys ( phone survey ) On this survey interviewers call respondents one by one and then asked respondents where each respondent's answer will be recorded by the interviewer . The survey is suitable for respondents who are... [ Continue reading... ]

Survey Methods

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Survey Methods Reasearch Design Methods In conducting a research there is a lot of data collection methods that you can use , such as : surveys , depth - interviews , focus group discussions , observations , and so on . Selection of these methods depends on the research objectives and available resources . One of the widely used is the survey method . This method is commonly used for research in the field of social sciences . Indonesian Survey Institute ( LSI... [ Continue reading... ]

Six Steps to Write Research Paper

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Six Steps to Write Research Paper Reasearch Design Methods After discussing the benefits of research for academics and companies, this time we will discuss the six steps in conducting a research study. It will be helpful for you who got assignment about writing research essay or research paper. Some literature may have different versions of the number of stages in conducting research, but basically stages in research are the same for every approach, which includes the planning,... [ Continue reading... ]

Importance of Research Study – Four Reasons Why We Need a Research Work

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Importance of Research Study – Four Reasons Why We Need a Research Work Reasearch Design Methods Have you ever thought how a new-best-seller product e.g. Iphone be made ? How did the producers get an idea to create product such Iphone? How did they choose the way to market the product? Those questions above perhaps ever emerge in our mind, especially for those who try to market a new product and want to get success. In modern marketing concept, consumers are the main central of business where product to be... [ Continue reading... ]

What is Research? – Research Definition and Four Common Mistakes in Using Research Term

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What is Research? – Research Definition and Four Common Mistakes in Using Research Term Reasearch Design Methods Managers in a company must face problems in their daily work. Take an example, a Marketing manager will often encounter such problems in which the company's sales decline. This problem is actually a "normal" case, but if the decline has lasted for a long time, then we need to figure out the cause of the problem to be able to create the right solution. We cannot only guessing what happened to find out the answer. We need... [ Continue reading... ]

Experimental Research

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Experimental Research Reasearch Design Methods Research designs are experimental or non-experimental . The experimental investigation carried out in the laboratories primarily in the field of basic research. The main advantage of the experimental design is that it offers the opportunity to identify the cause and effect relationships . The non-experimental research , for example , case studies , surveys, correlational studies , observational research is not generally... [ Continue reading... ]

How to Make a Research Proposal ?

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How to Make a Research Proposal ? Reasearch Design Methods Most of the students or beginners many people and researchers do not fully understand what a research proposal means , nor do they understand its importance. To put it bluntly , one's research is only as good as the one proposed . An ill-conceived proposal condemning the project, even if it somehow gets through the Thesis Supervisory Committee . A high quality proposal , on the other hand , not only promises success of... [ Continue reading... ]

What is Research Design ? (Part 01)

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What is Research Design ? (Part 01) Reasearch Design Methods Before examining types of research designs it is important to be clear about the role and purpose of research design. We need to understand what research design is and what it is not. We need to know where design fits into the whole research process from framing a question to finally analysing and reporting data. Description and explanation Social researchers ask two fundamental types of research questions: 1... [ Continue reading... ]